Light into darkness

Each one of these landings is bringing
education, healthcare and Hope to the
most isolated parts of the world.

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Light into darkness

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Help bring light into the darkness

Our MAF aircraft are to able to access remote communities and bring education, healthcare and hope – but only with your support.

The people of PNG are thankful every time we land. Help us bring light where it is needed most.

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* Tax deductible through MAF Aid fund 49498842455. If we receive contributions in excess of the needs for the project flights, we will use them in another qualifying development project.

Funding our flights in PNG

We are hoping to raise around $150,000 for essential operating needs, to support our flying to isolated communities in Papua New Guinea.

Enabled by your partnership, we have witnessed incredible transformation throughout PNG. We have seen many experience the joy that comes from receiving hope.

But there is still so much darkness. Will you help bring light into these communities with your gift today?